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Get your Free 0844 low rate business phone number today!

0844 numbers similar to 0845 numbers are also good marketing numbers, and it is widely recognised that calls to these numbers are charged 5ppm (pence per minute) to the caller. They are cheap to call and like all 08 numbers they give the impression that you have a national presence. Our 0844 numbers also include free call forwarding to some international landliness.[break]

Simply use a number from our range of numbers or take advantage of Number Portability to move your current number from BT. Our network will then deliver calls to your chosen destination Рcall centre, sales team or service desk etc. Callers only pay the cost of a local call (included on their normal phone bill).[break]

Our 0844 LowCall numbers are all Free, yes FREE with No setup fee, No line rental, No call usage and No call forwarding charges and the only cost is to the Caller for calling and making the call to your 0844 LowCall number.[break]

[break]The benefits

  • Create a better first impression in your company advertising
  • Transform your image from ‘local business’ to ‘national enterprise’
  • Maximise your business – by making it cheap for customers to call
  • Help you stay in control of inbound call costs
  • Enable you gain to an edge over competitors
  • Raise customer confidence… and increase calls, sales and profits
  • Save you from changing numbers if you relocate.
  • Additional features include call divert plan (up to 5 targets) and time of day plan, an advantage when you are dealing with large call volumes (pricing may be applicable).

Click here to find our more now and get your 0844 LowCall number today![break]

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