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DIDcomms announce 100% FREE services, fax, voice, switchboard, call queueing and more ….

(Cornwall, UK 06/11/2012) Both the Managing director Mr Daniel Kobale and the Sales Director Mr Ian Watts are proud to announce that the coming launch of 100% FREE intelligent communications services being rolled out over the next 12 months 2013-2014.

We already are a leader in the UK Virtual Phone Number market with FREE call divert to over 100+ international destinations including landlines and mobiles and processing over 500+ new orders per day….

These FREE additional intelligent online services will be available to all our new and existing customers which will include the following and all available on our FREE UK 0845, 0844, 0871 and 070 virtual numbers.

  • FREE Personal Control Panel
  • FREE Update Personal Details
  • FREE Online Number Orders
  • FREE Number Redirection
  • FREE Voice to Email
  • FREE Fax to Email
  • FREE Virtual Switchboard
  • FREE Call Queuing
  • FREE Call Statistics

and anything else we can think of… FREE

Over the past 5 years DIDcomms has been working closely with our suppliers and now that we wholesale partners rather than resellers, over past years since 2005, we have been able to develop our own unique platform, which is not available as an off the shelf product. This system includes state of the art technology and programing applying all kinds of great user friendly features, along with a simple and easy to use interface for our customers.

Our unique platform which has been long in development since January 2011 is gradually being rolled out and will be complete by end of summer 2014, but there will always be new and improved developments to be made … as we will not stop there as we are always brainstorming new and cool ideas for the benefit of our new and existing customers.

We can’t wait for you all to experience the future of DIDcomms, a composition of varied minds with one goal and you will be amazed by the things to come.

Customer Experience is Key…

For more information please call the offices on UK +44 (0)808-117-6736 or use the contact form on the contact page.

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