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DIDcomms’s announces new intelligent platform includes 419 fraud countermeasures

Daniel Kobale (CEO) and Ian Watts (Sales Director) of DIDcomms are pleased to publicly announce 419 fraud countermeasures incorported into the new intelligent order system platform.

Daniel Kobale CEO says¬†“the new anti-fraud system is just a one step towards 419 fraud prevention in our automated ordering system and is something sorely needed in the telecom industry.¬†There is nothing off the shelf or available to purchase like our custom built anti-fraud system which is incorporated into our brand new¬†intelligent customer¬†ordering¬†platform. Our new system has been custom designed by our head of technical Kevin Spear.”

“Kevin Spear is an invaluable part of the DIDcomms team and together we have come up with an automated 419 fraud prevention system inbuilt in to our platform which has been pain stakingly developed over many months and was launched last December 2011 along with our new intelligent customer ordering platform of which there is nothing like it on the market.”

“We have always worked closely with Ofcom, Payphone Plus, The Police Organized Crime Units and the National Fraud Authority SPOC and up till last year 2011, we struggled manually processing and checking each order which came into our system. We receive over 500+ orders per day, so we thought it about time we found some way of automating the entire process, but as mentioned earlier there is nothing like what we have developed which we could purchase from any software company. So we had to do it all ourselves!

“So we are proud to say that over the past 2-3 years going from manual checking and even more so now with our automated custom 419 anti-fraud measures in place, the reduction in complaints on our number ranges is less than 0.004% across all of our number ranges. We think this is a very low percentage and like to feel that we are doing our level best to prevent fraud as we are tired of entities like Data Wales¬†and SAYNOTO0870.COM¬†publicly claiming that our company does nothing about fraud prevention. They obviously know anything about the telecoms business and how hard it is to manage thousands of customers, to make sure they are staying in line with the law and telecoms regulatory policies.”

For more information on the above article please free to contact DIDcomms.

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