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Announcement: OpenTAP hosted with Stem Group Plymouth UK

Hi Everyone,

We would like to announce our partnership with Stem Group Ltd (Plymouth), the Southwest’s leading hosting data centre.

We have been looking for a co-location hosting provider/partner for a while and after some hunting, we chose Stem Group Ltd in Plymouth (Devon), not only for ease of access being close to our head office, but also because of their network reliability and customer service and support.

Now that OpenTAP has passed it beta stage and reliability testing (supported by both Texecom and Honeywell), we needed to find a reliable data centre close to home, which wasn’t going to take hours of driving to visit if we needed to maintain our OpenTAP hosted rack equipment.

OpenTAP has gone through rigorous testing and performance over the past 2 years in our own server racks, in our offices, but it was now very important for us to get 24/7 network stability with 99.9999% uptime, and this was the best choice for our now popular product. It was important not only for Open, but for our customers too, to make sure OpenTAP is monitored and serviced with care and due diligence as it is a managed value added product with customer service and support where needed and we are proud to bring this service to our customers.

We hope our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits and relabilty of OpenTAP for years to come1

About Stem Group

Stem Group is part of The Una Group, a £6m company with more than 40 employees. Here at Stem Group, our philosophy is simple. Our focus is on you. As a ‘customer centric’ company, we aim to solve your business problems, whilst maximising benefit through technology and subject matter expertise using our comprehensive service portfolio. Of course, we want to sell our products, that goes without saying, but there is a right way and a wrong way. We aim to give you the solution you are expecting from the start by ensuring you have regular contact with the right person for your specific needs.



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