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Halogen light bulbs will be banned in the UK from September 2021

Halogen light bulbs will be banned from September 2021 with fluorescent light bulbs to follow, cutting emissions and saving consumers on their energy bills.   The sale of mains voltage halogen non-directional lamps was banned in the UK on 1 September 2018, meaning low voltage non-directional halogen lamps could continue, as long as they comply with eco-design requirements. The new regu...
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Crypto currency chart of the week

China bans crypto currency China bans (once again) crypto activities, and only news outlets seem to care about it. A positive reaction to bad news is one of the most bullish signals experienced investors wait for to assess the market's mood. You could argue that China's FUD is now almost no news anymore, but it can always represent a new opportunity for speculators to push t...
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G.729 vs G.711 VoIP Codecs: Which Is Best?

G.729 and G.711 are two of the most popular codecs used by modern voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) systems to transmit calls as data over the internet. Phone systems must find a balance between delivering audio quality and requiring bandwidth, and that’s why these two different codecs exist. G.711 provides higher audio quality, but it requires more network bandwidth. G.729 requires less band...
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Emergency Calls UK

DIDcomms now provides access to 999/112 public emergency call services to VOIP customers within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is possible that these services may become unavailable as a result of things over which we have no control over, for example, the failure of your internet service provider (ISP) or internet connection. In such circumstances, all serv...
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Crypto exchange float in focus

IPO filings used to be less interesting. It’s been rather fun to record how some (not so fast-growing, it turns out) tech unicorns have explained their businesses (it’s about people), the risks to growth (we have never made a profit and may never do so) and how they plan to structure voting rights (you don’t get any,). So imagine just how much fun various analysts and reporters have had poring ove...
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Free incoming calls to VOIP phones with DIDcomms 084 and 087 UK numbers

Notice to all customers with 084 and 087 UK numbers. Please remember that even if your destination is not included in the 084 and 087 numbers free divert plan that you can still receive free incoming calls to VOIP phone. As long as you have mobile data or wifi connection you can receive calls completely free of charge. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Tesla announces that it added Bitcoin to the company reserve treasury.

"In retrospect, it was inevitable." - Tesla announces that it added Bitcoin to the company reserve treasury, pushing Bitcoin's price to a new all-time high. With all due respect for all the companies that have announced similar moves, Tesla is by far the most important. It's the 7th largest public company in the US and a worldwide recognized brand. It's very unlikely that such a large company did...
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The way you hire from the EU is changing

The transition period is ending on 31 December and there will be no extension. The current rules for hiring workers from the EU will change. Time is running out and I urge you to act now to prepare for our new relationship with the EU. You can find out what other actions you may need to take by visiting gov.uk/transition and using the checker tool. From 1 January 2021, the UK will introduce a po...
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Huawei to be removed from UK 5G networks by 2027

The decision follows a technical review by the National Cyber Security Centre in response to US sanctions. Buying new Huawei 5G equipment banned after 31 December 2020 All Huawei equipment to be removed from 5G networks by end of 2027 The existing ban on Huawei from most sensitive ‘core’ parts of 5G network remains Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said in a statement to the House of C...
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Converting an ISDN Phone System to SIP

Any legacy PSTN services (such as ISDN) still live after the switch-off will be ceased. It is imperative to move to alternative services before this happens in order to avoid loss of service. Moving voice calls from ISDN to SIP Services is a tried and tested way of saving money on both trunk rentals and telephone call charges. ISIP ISDN to SIP Converters, allow you to start to enjoy monthly cost ...
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