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Call Centre and Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX VoIP phone system without all expensive hidden costs!

Running a call centre or having a team of sales personnel, each with their own phone lines, with connecting extensions can be very expensive!  Well with DIDcomms having a quality hosted PBX system and multiple phones lines will Save you money over your existing supplier. (we can also port existing geographic numbers to our network)

Want to keep your numbers? No problem, we’ve got it. We can port your existing numbers over to our network seamlessly!

Whether you need 1 line and 50 lines or more, with DIDcomms you can have unlimited VoIP sip geographic for your personnel with NO monthly fees or NO setup fees. 

You get everything including:

  • Conferencing
  • HD video Meetings (supported phone systems)
  • VoIP Desktop Phone or Mobile VoIP App ready
  • Instant Messaging (supported phones or apps)
  • Hosted PBX
  • Virtual Switchboard
  • Free Calls between line extensions
  • Low cost outgoing calls from just 2.4p including VAT

With DIDcomms you get all-in-one for the fraction of the cost of some other providers.

To order your geographic VoIP phone lines today, just click on the Products and Services menu above and you can be setup and running in a few short minutes.

To find out more, please call (+44) 0808-117-6736 or email us using the online contact form.

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