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Call Centres – 16 checks to ensure you’re Ofcom compliant

Handling Silent and Abandoned Calls

1. Check your abandoned call message is being used for all campaigns

2. Check your abandoned call message content is correct for all campaigns

3. Monitor your abandoned call rate daily

4. Ensure your system rings for at least 15 seconds

5. Check your system follows the 2 second rule. The 2 second rule is mentioned a few times in the Ofcom guidelines, and this simply means that answered calls are either connected to a live agent or played your abandoned call message within 2 seconds of the call being answered.

6. Check your system enforces the 72 hour rule. Another point you need to confirm with your dialler team is that you have a mechanism in place to ensure that after being played the abandoned call message, a number cannot be retried for at least 72 hours.

7. Check your system follows the 72 hour rule for AMD (Answering Machine Detection)

TPS Compliance and the Right To Opt Out

8. Is new data screened against the TPS/CTPS registers?

9. Is existing data not opted-in screened against TPS at least every 28 days?

10. Is opt-in data protected from TPS screening?

11. Can you demonstrate the source and date of opt-in for all in-house and purchased opt-in data?

12. Can agents and managers easily add customers a Do Not Call List/reverse opt-in?

13. Are opt-outs applied if a number appears in a future import?

Display Numbers and Calling Back

14. All outbound campaigns display a valid CLI for individuals to call back on

15. All outbound CLIs allow customers to speak to someone or leave a message that will be checked

16. All outbound CLIs are either geographical/non-geo and are not premium rate numbers

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