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Cheap “Wi-Fi Calling VOIP Call Plan” from DIDcomms

Our Wi-Fi calling network is better quality than most UK mobile operators, and our customers have said its even better than Vonage or Skype!

With all our 08x and 070 numbers you get FREE OF CHARGE incoming calls to VoIP and cheap phone calls from just 2.6p a minutes including VAT.


We know we are cheaper than any UK mobile network Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly calling plans which charge an average of  30p a minute!

What’s more is that with DIDcomms, there is NO Contract, NO Line Rental and NO Setup Fee. Just sign-up for a FREE number today, add some call credit and your ready to receive and make cheaper phone calls straight away.

So even if you have no mobile signal, you will have a cheap pay as you go Wi-Fi Calling plan with DIDcomms, which will SAVE you money!

We recommend the 0845 Number Plan! Find out more….

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