In accordance with Ofcom’s decision in April 2006, ICSTIS will regulate 0871 numbers from early 2008. This statement aims to clarify the timetable for introducing this change and reiterate the essential objectives.

ICSTIS’ pre-consultation emphasised the importance of pricing clarity as previously outlined by Ofcom in its Statement on NTS. It is vital that consumers understand that 0871 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute and may cost more from some mobile phones and other networks. A decision on how 0871 services may be regulated (for example, the application of the existing Code of Practice or the creation of a new Code of Practice or Statement of Expectations) has not been finalised. Service providers wanting to take early decisions about promotional material are best advised to include a clear and accurate indication of pricing in any advertisements for 0871 numbers.

The timetable for incorporating 0871 numbers into the regulatory regime for premium rate services is outlined below (some items of which have already been completed). A full and detailed project plan will be available in due course.

July/August 2006

  • Issue pre-consultation paper on issues that need agreement.

October 2006

  • Analyse results of pre-consultation and consider impact on the project.
  • Appoint consultants to help deliver the project (funding for this is being discussed with¬†Ofcom).

October 2006

  • Start planning work on applicable regulatory safeguards.

February/March 2007

  • Issue proposed regulatory safeguards for consultation.
  • Consult on funding issues.

May 2007

  • Appraise responses to consultation.

July 2007

  • Submit proposed regulatory safeguards to Ofcom for approval and to the EU under the¬†Technical Standards and Regulations Directive (98/34/EC) for three months to allow for¬†Member State consideration.

October/November 2007

  • Ofcom approve proposed regulatory safeguards.

December 2007

  • ICSTIS consults on budget for 09 and 0871 services.

January 2008

  • ICSTIS‚Äô regulation of 0871 services takes effect.

February 2008

  • Budget for 2008/9 approved by Ofcom.
  • In parallel during 2007, a number of activities will also be undertaken involving issues¬†related to brand, website development, staffing arrangements and any necessary¬†recruitment at the end of 2007 in preparation for additional workload activities.

Issued: 8 December 2006 by Payphone Plus

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