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Porting Telephone Numbers

Switch your existing 08, 070 or geographic telephone numbers to the DIDcomms network.


Our wide range of porting agreements means that when you implement your DIDcomms solution, you can retain your existing 08, 070 or geographic phone numbers, removing the cost and inconvenience of re-advertising a new number, changing literature, business cards etc. Also by moving to Open, you get a full suit of services including in our customer number management portal.

What is porting?

Porting is the process of moving the responsibility for the managing and the routing of a telephone number from one carrier (e.g. BT) to another.

Porting your number is a very simple procedure designed to cause little or no interruption to your service.

Agreements currently exist with BT, C&W, Energis, Gamma, NTL, Thus, Vodafone, Telewest, Kingston Communications, Your Communications.

If there is anyone else you feel we should be seeking a porting agreement, please feedback your comments to customer services.

If you would like more information about porting or you are interested in porting (transferring) your non-geographic 08 phone number(s) to DIDcomms please do not hesitate to contact customer services.

Port your numbers to DIDcomms, or just sign-up for a new number today and start SAVING money with Open!

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