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VoIP/SIP Softphones (Recommended)

VoIP/SIP Softphones for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Below are some VoIP/SIP softphones for desktop and mobile phones which we recommend. They are very good, easy to use and setup with your DIDcomms number VoIP user details, which you can find in your online customer account.

If you prefer to use a hardware IP phone, we recommend Yealink VoIP phones, as they are easy to setup and use.

If you prefer to use a desktop computer softphone, then we recommend the Nuance Dragon USB Headset.

Zoiper Softphone

Download for computer, Android and iPhone

With the Zoiper softphone, when adding a VoIP account, just select provider, then select the United Kingdom and scroll down and select DIDcomms and this will preconfigure the account settings, so all you have to enter is your sip username and password. Detailed instructions can be found here

Yealink VC VoIP Softphone 

Download for Android, Phone, Windows and Mac.

Adore VoIP Softphone

Android Download / iPhone Download

Bria VoIP Softphone 

Download for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Groundwire VoIP Softphone 

Download available for Android and iPhone.


Download available for PC

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