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DIDcomms launches new TAP to SMS and SMTP messaging gateway for the UK market!

(Wadebridge, Corwnall 11/12/2012) Due to the recent collapse and withdrawal of TAP gateway services, by various large Telecom firms such as O2, T-mobile, Orange and the like, DIDcomms has realized the need of many companies and business who rely and need this service.

DIDcomms has partnered with a US supplier and also invested in our own in-house TAP to SMS and SMTP messaging gateway. What’s more is the that the new TAP gateway called OpenTAP from DIDcomms is a 100% completely Free of Charge service! YES! You heard right, completely Free of Charge with No Monthly Fees, No Line Rental, No SMS or Email messaging charges what so ever. The only catch is that you must pay for the call to the TAP gateway to use this service and you must register also, as the security level will only allow registered users to utilized the OpenTAP gateway service.

How do I register to use the OpenTAP gateway?

Make note of the our access number 09018600011 (dialing from international +448726149997). The simple send us an email requesting OpenTAP gateway access. All we need is you 1) Name you wish to use to identify message origin , 2) the mobile number you wish to use for text messages including country code and 3) email address you wish to use for email messages. Easy as… 123

If your system offers the ability to send an SMS text  to you when it is activated and you think it is using the TAP gateway dial up for this, please contact the DIDcomms team on 0808-117-6736 or email us.

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