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Digitization of the UK telecoms infrastructure

The UK telecoms infrastructure is being upgraded to an ALL IP service and communication providers such as BT, Virgin Media, and others are starting the transition process. The analog service (PSTN) is expected to be switched off by 2025.

Although this is correct, the fact is that BT and other fixed line providers, still have not come up with a working plan to convert home and business phone systems or even started to implement this as yet. I doubt they are going to spend millions on new IP telephones preconfigured with the customer’s SIP account information, and they have not even started to educate people about VoIP. It’s amazing… next time you are talking to someone, say a business owner or a home user, just ask them ‘do you know anything about VoIP phones’. Most people even businesses have no clue about VoIP or SIP.

Its all well and good, saying we are going to turn off PSTN in 2025, but actually they are not turning off PSTN entirely, as they could not as the road map to convert all homes and businesses to VoIP phone systems will take much longer and cost millions in educational advertising, and hardware.

What they are actually doing is moving all the networks to IPEX, the IP network on the exchange side. Our own network is all IPEX (IP Exchange Network) with breakouts to PSTN and mobile networks worldwide. It’s going to take many more years before they can covert everybody’s home and business PSTN phones to IP phone systems. The physical POTS landline will still be available even after 2025.

However, ISDN will not, as everyone with ISDN must move to SIP before its too late, because as of 2020 ISDN is being phased out and a migration of all ISDN users to SIP will be started. ISDN will no longer be available in the UK after 2025.

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