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Does your security system’s SMS alert use O2?

Security systems over a year old which use the O2’s TAP gateway service to deliver an SMS text message to key holders when their alarm is activated, now need to switch to another provider.

O2 withdrew their “TAP” gateway product in March 2012. Plus other major networks to follow! The change may well cause problems for a number of alarm systems.

The SMS TAP service uses a landline connection from the alarm control panel to send text messages to a phone number programmed by an installer or end-user. The messages were directed by a service provider using a TAP gateway.

While your mobile carrier may not understand the importance of TAP to SMS messaging in the area or network and industrial monitoring, DIDcomms and our partners do!

If your system offers the ability to send an SMS text message to you when it is activated and you think it is using the O2 or other network providers TAP gateway for this, please contact the DIDcomms team on +44 (0)8081176736 or email us.

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