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Why is there an echo or delay when I make a VoIP phone call?

Simply put, VoIP calls are completely reliant on the quality, stability and consistency of the underlying Internet connection being used and when the internet connection is not adequate, this can result in calls with jitter, delays, echo and even sometimes, calls being cut off.

Echo during a phone call can be extremely irritating. Though this problem occurs on traditional phone lines as well, it can become very noticeable when using VoIP phone services. The echo is typically due to a blockage or mismatch, which results in the signals bouncing back from where they came. In our experience, the echo is nearly always caused by end user’s internet connection or type of VoIP phone hardware or softphone they might be using to make the VoIP phone calls.

Solution: Most good VoIP phone hardware and softphones usually have an ‘echo suppression’ option which can be enabled, which can resolve the issue. And above all make sure you have a good quality mobile or home or business internet connection!

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