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Free Divert Plan

What is the Free Divert Plan from DIDcomms and how does it benefit you?

The Free Divert Plan from DIDcomms is quite unique from other UK telecoms network providers. It allows you to have free call forwarding to over 150 destinations Worldwide on our 08 and 070 numbers.

The Free Divert Plan, its unique to DIDcomms, as unlike other network providers they just set their list of countries you can have free call forwarding on each number type; 0844, 0845, 087 and 070, based on how much revenue they earn which is offset against the call charges incurred from all call forwarding. We do this too, however with DIDcomms, any none free diverts can be also accessed by applying call credit to your customer account and whats more is that all our numbers are VoIP enabled, so you if you have call credit on your customer account with us, if you setup your DIDcomms number with a VoIP phone; either a mobile VoIP app or a desktop IP phone, you can make calls with your DIDcomms numbers too.

We are proud of our products and services and everything we can provide for our customers and we hope you enjoy the services are much as we do too!

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