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Get an 070 personal mobile number for your Facebook page or Facebook profile

Got a Facebook page or Facebook profile and want to keep your personal contact number private?

Did you know that millions of people Worldwide, not only your friends are viewing your Facebook page or Facebook profile. Having your real phone number made public is not necessarily a good idea unless you and using Facebook for business related activities.

Why not get an 070 MobileCall Number from DIDcomms for your Facebook page or Facebook profile and keep your privacy while still providing a public contact number for all your facebook friends.

How does this work?

The 070 MobileCall Number is diverted to your real landline and/or mobile, while still being able to keep your privacy without revealing your real phone line number to the public. Thus avoiding unwanted newsance calls, marketing calls and those annoying marketing text messages.

Did you know that marketing companies, search the web including Facebook and other social networking websites for phone numbers and other contact details so they can build databases marketing sales of products and services.

So having a free of charge 070 MobileCall Number on your Facebook page or Facebook profile can really protect your communiction privacy and these marketing companies along with stawlkers are less likely to call one of these 070 MobileCall Numbers as they are slightly more expensive than the normal landline or mobile call. So the end result is only people who really want to contact your for genuine reasons will make a call to your new 070 MobileCall Number provided by DIDcomms.

Get your own personal 070 MobileCall Number today and keep your real personal phone private. We also provide free call divert up to 5 target numbers either landline or mobile on the 070 MobileCall Number service, so you can have one number for all, end result is your are always connected and will never miss a call again.

For further details please contact our friendly customer service team or simple order your own 070 MobileCall Number today!

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