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Have a UK 0871 phone number directly connected to your overseas phone line without needing to be registered in the UK

Businesses trading from outside the UK can now offer their UK customers the option to call them for the price of a UK phone call. At present many businesses that are based abroad,Ā but trade in the UK require their customers to dial their international phone number. This can cost the caller a lot of money and at the same time can put off those that would have called them had they been based in the UK.[break]

Through one of our telecom suppliers, DIDcomms can provideĀ free redirectionĀ of UKĀ 0871 virtual numbersĀ direct to fixed-lines in over 70 overseas countries. These include: Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Europe and many more. For a full list of countries,Ā please see the order formĀ [break]

The savings to you and your callers are substantial since you no longer pay for the cost of calls being diverted from the UK to your international phone line and the caller only pays the price of a UK phone call rather than a higher priced international call to contact you.[break]

There is absolutely NO cost to you![break]

So, whether you are running a news organisation in Paris, a mail-order company in the United States, a call centre in Spain or a tourist venture in New Zealand- if you are receiving calls from the UK, then make it easy for your customers to reach you by giving them a UK number that they can call.[break]

[break]A note for American companies

Many American companies (catalogue/internet publishers especially) give only a 1-800 number in their sales literature and on their websites forgetting that potential purchasers from most other countries are unable to access 1-800 from overseas or, if they can, they are then chargedĀ full international rates. United Kingdom residents are generally able to access 1-800 numbers but are paying full international rates. Whenever a UK resident calls an American 1-800 number they will always receive the following message before being connected:Ā Access to the 800 number you have dialled is not free of charge outside the United States. If answered you will be charged at international direct dialling rates for the call. If you do not wish to proceed with this call please hang up now.[break]

Should they continue with the call they will then be charged up to 23.6 pence per minute or 40 cents per minute, as opposed to as little as 10p (approx. 19.2 cents) per minute with DIDcomms. If you are interested in international business (and there are 60 million people in the UK) then simply by adding a UK phone number to your advertising, your website, or within your catalogue, you could open up an entirely new market, with no cost to you. You simply add the following words: UK Phone ?Ā Call 0871 XXX XXXX[break]

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