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Introducing STEM-Pro Security

Fraud Detection and Alerts

Newly released Version 2.0 of STEM-Pro offers further improvements to a service that has been protecting ICC Networks Customers from VoIP fraud since 2011. By constantly monitoring live traffic patterns, fluctuating Vendor balances and concurrent call volumes, STEM-Pro alerts the Service Provider if usage patterns become unusual.

STEM-Pro uniquely focuses on the Service Providers connection with their Vendors to ensure that the Service Provider cannot run up a large debt without being alerted to it. Typically this reduces fraud attempts down to small hundreds of pounds rather than the tens of thousands previously seen. The alerts are provided 24/365 by email.Ā STEM-Pro works with any Vendor and ITSPā€™s can tailor the granularity, sensitivity and frequency of the Alerts.

Monitor – Alert – STOP Fraud

VoIP Service Providers continue to face an ever increasing risk from fraud. The problem is known to have already cost the industry hundreds of millions of Dollars. Even relatively small frauds destroy previously good relationships and set Service Provider against Customer and Vendor alike. There are numerous records of VoIP Service Providers losing their entire business in a matter of hours.

ICC Networks can greatly reduce this risk with STEM-Pro 2.0, the latest product release on its Active SoftSwitch telco software platform. STEM-Pro gives VoIP Service Providers a new range of tools to protect themselves and their customers from the menace of fraud.

ICC first developed ā€œSTEMā€ (Suspicious Traffic Early-warning Module) as a suite of Reports and Alerts to protect ICC from fraud. Next ICCā€™s Termination customers were offered ā€œSTEM Protectionā€ as part of ICCā€™s Termination Product. Now all Active SoftSwitch Customers can have ā€œSTEM-Proā€ monitoring across all of their Vendors, greatly reducing the Service Providerā€™s current levels of threat from fraud and of course greatly increasing his value to his end user customers.

Regular Reports and Realtime ALERTS

Regular Live traffic monitoring of your individual service provides a the following reports and alerts.

Suspicious Call Pattern Alert

Real time CDR repeat alerts with optional auto cut-off, i.e “….you have been billed x number of calls to the Estonian Mobile range 123 4567 xxxx in the last 20 minutes. If number exceeds y number of calls, this destination group will be suspended…”

Comparative Balance Increase Alert

Email Live AlertĀ based on individual Vendor balance rate of increase, compared with an historically similar period. For example “… your current usage is to “Vendor X”Ā is 1.48 p.p.m. compared with yourĀ historic usageĀ for theĀ same vendorĀ is 0.03p.p.m. Please check your usage …”

Four Hour Vendor Balance Report

Email Report showing Multiple Vendor balances now, compared with 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours ago that you can regularly sense check your Vendor balances, per Vendor.

Stop Fraud Before It Stops You

STEM-Pro gives youĀ the tools to save yourself from fraud. You still have to react to the alert and intervene but you will have theĀ peace of mind thatĀ if something unusual happens you will be alerted. This enables you to shut down any calls, traffic, routes or accounts that look unusual.

It has been likened to a car seat belt in that in cannot stop you suffering a fraud but it will greatly reduce the impact of you have one.

It will probably save you thousands of pounds over time andĀ it just could saveĀ your entireĀ business.

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