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(May 15th, 2002) – DIDcomms announces a new telecom service giving international customers the ability to have a UK virtual presence.


(Worldwide) May 15th, 2002 – Have a UK phone number diverted to your international phone line for FREE with absolutely NO cost to you![break]

Businesses trading from outside the UK can now offer their UK customers the option to call them for the price of a UK phone call. At present many businesses that are based abroad, but trade in the UK require their customers to dial their international phone number. This can cost the caller a lot of money and at the same time can put off those that would have called them had they been based in the UK.[break]

If you have family and/or friends in the UK, then why not signup for your own UK phone number to be redirected directly to your phone line in your country?[break]

Through one of our service providers DIDcomms are able to provide businesses and private individuals overseas with UK telephone numbers that are connected directly to their international phone lines. No prefixes to dial, no least cost routing to think about – your callers simply dial a UK telephone number and are connected directly to you. [break]

It is FREE to join. There is NO setup fee, NO monthly fee, NO ongoing contract to sign and NO call charges to you. Yes, FREE! because we earn a couple of pence per minute from each call made to your UK numbers.[break]

The savings to you and your callers are substantial since you no longer pay for the cost of calls being diverted from the UK to your international phone line and the caller pays the price of a UK phone call rather than a higher priced international call.[break]

“19 million people.That’s the number of adults in the UK who have access to the Internet and the highest figure we have ever recorded in our annual Internet surveys”. -‘Annual Internet Survey 2002’ www.which.net [break]

So, whether you are running a news organisation in Paris, a mail-order company in the United States, a call centre in Spain or a tourist venture in New Zealand- if you are receiving calls from the UK, then make it easy for your customers to reach you by giving them a UK number that they can call.[break]

For US/Canadian companies, did you know that 1-800 numbers are only free to the caller when dialled from within North America. When dialled from overseas the caller has to pay full international direct dial rates. Therefore having a UK number would be a great advantage to both you and your UK customers and contacts.[break]

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