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Introducing DIDcomms

As one of the most innovative Telecommunications Suppliers in the UK with thousands of users Worldwide and established since 2004, DIDcomms prides itself in the ability to provide low cost, effective and efficient solutions to a number of issues that enable customers to maximise their business opportunities.

To be able to do this, we have made some selective and strategic partnerships with our suppliers, in order to bring our customers a high standard of reliability and service.

At DIDcomms we work closely with our customers, responding rapidly and with great flexibility to meet individual needs. Our growing customer base stretches throughout the UK and Internationally, covering both large and small organisations.

“Over 50% of our new clients are from referrals by our current or past clients”¬†-Customer Survey August 2003

Understanding your business

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of virtual¬†telephone number services we have one primary aim, we want your business to get 100% satisfaction from your call traffic.

We understand how important calls are to your business. If calls are missed, misdirected or badly handled, alienating customers and losing orders becomes a real possibility, and your business pays the price.

“Less than 38% of customers are satisfied with the service they receive over the phone”-¬†NOP, 2002

“37% of customers using a call centre felt they had received bad service”¬†– NOP 2002

Our years of experience put us in the ideal position to ensure you don’t become a negative statistic in the next big call handling survey. We work with you to fully understand your inbound call requirements, providing solutions to improve call handling efficiency and maximise your incoming calls to benefit your business and your bottom line.

The way we work

At DIDcomms we take a consultative approach, working with our clients as part of their team, to interrogate their business thoroughly and gain a real understanding of their inbound call management needs.

We also understand that it’s not just about technology but how that technology can be best applied to ensure that your customers receive the service they want and your business benefits as a result.

We recognise that every client’s requirement is different and we use our technology to develop the best inbound and outbound call solutions, specifically tailored for each client’s requirement. We don’t believe that one size fits all.

And the desired result! Your customers can contact you quickly and efficiently and are satisfied with the service you provide. You, in turn, benefit from repeat business and earn the enviable reputation as a great customer care provider.

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