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PhonepayPlus – App stores pilot notification

Following a positive 12 month pilot, PhonepayPlus announces its decision to make exemptions launched in May 2014 for app stores and developers permanently available. App stores and developers that enable operator billing can now apply for permission for their service to be provided by means other than strict adherence to Rules 3.4.1 and 2.3.12(d) of the Code of Practice subject to certain conditions.

In addition, a number of app stores have noted that there are alternative ways to ensure children are protected from bill shock, some of which they have argued are more effective than spending caps. Consistent with an outcome-based approach to regulation, PhonepayPlus also announces a 12-month grace period from Rule 2.3.12(b). The grace period is designed to allow app stores and developers to either come into compliance with Rule 2.3.12(b) or to deliver sufficient alternative means of achieving the intended outcome by the end of the period. App stores wishing to benefit from the grace period must notify PhonepayPlus of their intention to do so and the current controls they have in place to manage bill shock alongside other conditions.

Further details of the exemption can be found here.

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