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PhonepayPlus Chairman Andrew Pinder CBE completes his term of office

Andrew Pinder CBE will this year complete his term of office as Chairman of UK phone-paid services regulator PhonepayPlus. Work has begun to recruit his successor and Andrew Pinder will continue as Chairman whilst this process is completed.

As Chairman, Andrew Pinder has led PhonepayPlus in setting a new three year Strategic Plan that will guide the regulator’s future direction.

The PRS regulator has also taken a proportionate and collaborative approach to encourage innovation whilst protecting consumers. This has seen initiatives including a pilot scheme to facilitate regulation of app stores, which extended consumer protection for people buying digital content charged to their phone bill. Similar support in regulation for innovations in SMS donations have seen a rise in charitable giving.

A new Code of Practice that continues this outcomes-based approach to regulation will come into force later this year.

Andrew Pinder said:

“I would like to thank the PhonepayPlus Board, Ofcom and our other partners, the PRS industry and the Executive for their support during my time as Chairman.

“The market has experienced a period of change and innovation, and at PhonepayPlus we have led in setting a clear direction through our Strategic Plan and a flexible regulatory approach that protects consumers and supports innovation with the new Code. I wish the PhonepayPlus Board and the Executive success as they continue this work.”

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