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PrepayGEO VoIP/SIP 2 Port Adapter for Analog Phones

We also recommend the use of the following VoIP adapter with our PrepayGEO UK Numbers if you would like to continue using your regular analog home or business phones, without the added extra cost of having to invest in VoIP desktop IP phones

The Cisco SPA112 2-port phone adapter provides an affordable high-quality VoIP connection through 2 standard phone line connections. The SPA112 features 2 separate telephone ports that can connect to a variety of different devices, including: phones, fax machines, conferencing speakerphones and any other device that has an analogue phone port. Each device can be configured independently while creating an easy-to-use solution that connects employees and their customers through a highly-secured Cisco network. The adapter is extremely portable and is compatible with many traditional phone features such as caller ID, voice mail and call waiting. This 2-port adapter is easy to set up and comes with a web-based utility for seamless integration.

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