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Problems with TAP SMS over PSTN


Having only just realized that the O2 SMS gateway is not reliable [when I first realised I should have had alerts, I thought my SD2 dialler had died], I have contacted O2 who are looking into the service, and they maintain that it should be running at the time of writing [November 2011] but advise me that it will cease operation around April 2012.

I have discovered a long list of TAP numbers online, and lots of those gateways are outdated, or seem to require a DTMF tone to continue! There is also a disclaimer and warning that “many operators are discontinuing their TAP services as they are no longer economically viable”

I also agree with the reports that the Vodafone gateway appears to work on an intermittent basis [hardly comforting when wired to an alarm system !!] and I am starting to think my SD2 is useless !!

Like many sane people, I just want a simple SMS to alert me to alarm triggers, as I turn my phone to call divert and quite often ignore “you have a new voice message” but never ignore an SMS.

Do you [or anyone else] have any knowledge/idea of either
1] a reasonable cost SMS / TAP gateway number for my SD2
2] a way of using my SD2 to alert me without voice dialling my often diverted mobile [I spend too much time abroad to answer messages]

In fact, any sensible suggestion is very welcome

Somebody out there must have an answer to this, surely ….


YES… OpenTAP from DIDcomms its the only free of charge and reliable TAP gateway in the UK at present. The only catch is you must register to use the service which prevents fraud and text spammers.

Registration is easy as 1 2 3…

  1. Input the OpenTAP access number 09018600011 (dialling from international +448726149997) into your alarm communication or TAP software client settings.
  2. Input the mobile numbers your wish to receive text messages on in the following format without any leading zeros, eg. 447950123456
  3. CLICK HERE to register online now!

Or you can register online

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