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0800 Freephone UK VoIP Numbers

0800 Freephone Numbers, Toll-Free, VoIP Number, Prepaid Top-Up.

0800 and 0808 toll-free telephone numbers or freephone numbers are a telephone number that is billed to the end-user for all incoming calls instead of incurring call charges to the originating caller. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free or freephone number is free of charge.

0800 Freephone Numbers are a great way to increase sales as they enable potential customers to call your business for free from any UK landline or mobile phone.

Freephone 0800 numbers can give your business a highly professional national image and are proven to increase response to sales and advertising by enabling your clients to call you for free. Under the new Ofcom regulations, from July 2015, all our Freephone 0800 Numbers will also be free to call from mobiles; great news for you and your callers!

By using multiple Freephone 0800 Numbers for your business offices and departments or advertising and marketing campaigns you will be able to utilize the full potential of our free real-time call statistics. With Freephone 0800 Numbers it’s easy to reduce your advertising costs by monitoring the call statistics and the response each advert or marketing campaign generates. Whether you use Freephone 0800 Numbers for advertising and marketing or sales lines, you can be sure of a great return on investment. If your business deals with consumers we recommend 0330 numbers or Freephone 0800 Numbers for after-sales and complaints lines.

Number costs and other information

  • Setup Fee: £0.00 FREE
  • Line Rental: £20 per month
  • Incoming Calls: FREE
  • Call Forwarding: Free forwarding to VoIP, UK landline or mobile. For call forwarding to international phones lines please contact customer service.
  • Cost to Caller: Free of charge to UK callers. International callers pay your network providers standard call rates
  • Call Charges: For outbound calling using your freephone 080x number please contact customer service.
  • Billing: Montly with inclusive minutes

Call our team +448081176736 or use the online form to contact us!

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

Features and benefits

Each number you order from us comes with all these great features to really help you from day to day with your calls and management of the numbers you have with us.

Call our team +448081176736 or use the online form to contact us!

NOTE: For routing to international phone lines please and high-volume calls please contact customer service.

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