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Free Cloud Hosted Virtual Switchboard PBX

Free Switchboard, Virtual Switchboard, Auto Attendant, Free Music On Hold, IVR.

Incoming calls are crucial to your business. Calls unanswered, calls getting lost and calls that get cut off result in lost business and revenue.

autoattendantDIDcomms’s solutions help you to efficiently manage all your calls: greeting, diverting, queuing and routing every call to the right destination first time? all this at a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions.

Because our Inbound Call Management Solutions are web-based, they don’t require any hardware or software and can be implemented quickly and easily in any business. All the hardware is hosted with us, so you benefit from 24/7 up-time plus the instant control and feedback your business needs to maximise efficiency and grow.

Achieving a perfect relation between your needs and our services have always been an obsession at DIDcomms. That’s why our team developed Virtual Switchboard. With multiple extensions, call queue, personalised voicemail capabilities and a virtual UK number, our hosted Virtual Switchboard has all the features of a Hardware PBX, but at an affordable cost. The smartest way to enhance your brand. Now you’re ready for business.

Try our demo number +441134789950

What is the Virtual Switchboard?

The Virtual Switchboard is part of the 084, 087, 070 and Geographic Numbers family of products. It is a versatile, configurable call handling service that can help you in the following ways:

  • It is a professional front-end to a multi-person business.
  • It eases call distribution for dispersed and dynamic businesses.
  • It allows callers to choose which “department” to talk to.
  • It can be used to present frequently required information to callers without disturbing you.
  • It can forward calls to “departments” spread around the world.
  • It is powerful, yet simple to set up.
  • It can be programmed with your own operating hours.
  • You can have it on any number range from Geographic, 084, 087 and 070 plus many more features…

How much does it cost?

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No installation
  • No maintenance
  • No hassle
  • Cancel at anytime

The benefits

  • Choice of geographic or non-geographic 084, 087 or 070 numbers
  • Unlimited  DID number extensions
  • Unlimited SIP extensions
  • Free calls between extensions and call transfer
  • Auto-attendant with configurable menu and sub-menu options
  • Time of day plan routing plan
  • Call queue with free music on hold
  • Voicemail to email
  • Extensions
  • Hunt-groups

We believe in customer loyalty and flexibility to grow your phone systems quickly and easily without all that red tape bureaucracy and expensive costs other companies charge for similar services!

Click here to upgrade your UK number account with a Virtual Switchboard or if you have any questions, please just give us a call on UK (+44) 0808-117-6736 or you email us!

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