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0845 Fax to Email UK Numbers

0845 Fax to Email, Fax Number, Free Fax, Receive Fax via Email.

Are you still receiving faxes on a regular fax machine? Move into the 21st Century and have them delivered to your inbox as email attachments.

Our 0845 Fax to Email service allows you to receive faxes directly to your email inbox as file attachments. It’s an easy and confidential way of receiving, storing, and forwarding important fax documents.

Many of our Customers find situations where both types of service work within a single organization.

For example, many employees wish to have their own private fax numbers that are secure, and at the same time see value in having a departmental fax number for handling all UK-originated fax messages.

Number costs and other information

  • Setup Fee: £0.00 FREE
  • Line Rental: £0.00 FREE
  • Call Usage: £0.00 FREE
  • Cost to Caller: 7p a minute from a BT line.
  • Call Charges: No additional call costs
  • Fax Forwarding: Free of charge digital fax delivery by email attachment
  • Billing: Not applicable

Features and Benefits

  • Low-cost Non-Geographic Numbers (084)
  • Pick up faxes while you are travelling
  • Store and archive faxes on your computer
  • Sharing faxes with your colleagues in a few seconds
  • Increase the security of your fax with encryption
  • Avoid fax machine and other hardware expenses
  • Forward incoming faxes to the most convenient computer
  • Receive faxes in your email as a PDF image file
  • Receive multiple faxes at once from more than one caller (no limit

Call our team +448081176736 or use the online form to contact us!

Note: View your faxes with Windows Imaging or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

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