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International Call Saver

Cheap International Calls, Cheap Calls from Landlines, Cheap Calls from Mobiles, International Calls from UK.

Make cheap international calls from any phone in the UK for just 13p per minute incl. VAT at all times! (including evenings and weekends) Just dial 0870-945-0000 and follow the simple instructions.

What is an Indirect Access Service?

One of the telephone services provided by DIDcomms is indirect access. To use this service you dial a gateway number before you dial the number you are calling. For DIDcomms, simply dial 0870-945-0000 before the number you wish to call and save on the cost of your phone calls.

How do I use your Service?

  1. Dial 0870-945-0000 (from overseas dial +44-870-945-0000)
  2. Dial your number you desire to call in the following format 00 + Country Code + Area Code+ Phone Number

Why should I use your service?

Using 0870-945-0000 could enable you to make substantial savings on the cost of your calls and is exceptionally easy to use. Save up to 90% on all international calls.

If you are calling from a mobile, some mobile networks provide free calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers inclusive in your monthly minutes allowance. Check with your mobile phone provider!

Benefits of Call Saver

Call Saver is free to join. There is no monthly fee and no ongoing contract to sign. You keep your existing phone line and number and all call charges are included on your normal phone bill.

International Locations

Over 100 Destinations Available

Per Minute

Argentina £0.13p
Argentina-Mobile £0.13p
Australia £0.13p
Austria £0.13p
Belgium £0.13p
Bulgaria-Sofia £0.13p
Canada £0.13p
Canary Islands £0.13p
Chile £0.13p
Costa Rica £0.13p
Czech Republic £0.13p
Denmark £0.13p
Estonia £0.13p
Finland £0.13p
France £0.13p
Georgia £0.13p
Germany £0.13p
Gibraltar £0.13p
Greece £0.13p
Guam £0.13p
Hong Kong £0.13p
 Hong Kong-Mobile  £0.13p
 Hungry  £0.13p
 Iceland  £0.13p
 Ireland  £0.13p
 Israel  £0.13p
Italy  £0.13p
 Japan £0.13p
 Korea (South £0.13p
Liechtenstein £0.13p
Luxembourg £0.13p
Malaysia £0.13p
Malaysia-Mobile £0.13p
Malta £0.13p
Mexico-Mexico City £0.13p
Monaco £0.13p
Netherlands £0.13p
New Zealand £0.13p
Norway £0.13p
Palestine £0.13p
Peru-Lima £0.13p
Poland £0.13p
Portugal £0.13p
Puerto Rico £0.13p
Romania-Bucharest £0.13p
San Marino £0.13p
Singapore £0.13p
Singapore-Mobile £0.13p
Slovakia £0.13p
Spain £0.13p
Sweden £0.13p
Switzerland £0.13p
Taiwan £0.13p
Thailand-Bangkok £0.13p
USA £0.13p
USA-Mobile £0.13p
US Virgin Islands £0.13p
Zimbabwe £0.13p
Zimbabwe-Mobile £0.13p

NO account to open, NO credit cards needed, NO bills from us!

Compared with BT “Standard” international rate at¬†09/10/03. Source: http://www.bt.com

* Calls made to 087 numbers from BT and Cable landlines are charged to the UK caller at the published rates of up to 13p per minute (incl. VAT) Calls from payphones and some mobiles may cost more. Callers from overseas will pay international direct dial rates to the UK.

All international destinations are subject to availability.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on (+44) 0808-117-6736

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