VoiPAY, the prepaid plan with a difference, for 084, 087 and 070 numbers.

What is VoiPAY?

The VoiPAY Prepay Plan is the best complete unified VoIP communications package for you! Not only do you get Free Roaming and Free Incoming Calls, but you also can Earn Cashback from all incoming calls made to your VoiPAY 084, 087 and 070 numbers, meaning you are accruing Free Call Credit which can be used for prepaid services!

You can divert to standard landlines and mobiles as well, if you recharge your online customer account with call credit, or just offset your call divert to landline or mobile with your accrued Free Call Credit you will be earning from all incoming calls to your VoiPAY number.

The advantages of upgrading the to the VoiPAY prepay plan on 08 or 070 numbers.

  1. Free incoming calls 24/7 any country, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have mobile data or WiFi internet access on your mobile phone, plus free forwarding to many international landlines and mobiles.
  2. Free calls between same network customers
  3. Earn up to 3p a minute Cashback from all incoming calls
  4. Cheap local and international calls (just add call credit to your online account with us)
  5. All the free services, your existing account offers already

Features and benefits

Each number you order from us comes with all these great features to really help you from day to day with your calls and management of the numbers you have with us.

Download one of these recommended VoIP mobile apps from the App Store on either Android or iPhone (or use your preferred VoIP softphone) and then message us to upgrade your number.

To upgrade your UK number account today or if you have any questions, please just give us a call on UK (+44) 0808-117-6736 or you can email us!

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

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