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VoIP/SIP Call Termination

A-Z Wholesale VoIP/SIP Call Termination, Call Centers (CC), UK DID Numbers, SIP Trunking, Voice, Data, H323, PAYGO Top-Up, 99.96% Uptime.


DIDcomms is a premium quality provider for wholesale VoIP/SIP termination of international telecommunications call traffic. We provide our customers with the low-cost wholesale VoIP/SIP call termination rates for international calls to any destination in the world. Calls are going through our network and reaching each and every country on the globe.

DIDcomms terminates large quantities of wholesale VoIP call traffic worldwide. Due to our considerable telecom traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates on the market, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients.

DIDcomms provides wholesale VoIP/SIP call termination through regular PSTN interconnections with many of the world’s leading telecommunication carriers. Our own unique online intelligent routing engine applies for each incoming call the highest-quality route for the moment available. As a result, DIDcomms is able to provide the best quality cost balanced wholesale VoIP termination service on the market with low-cost rates.

The DIDcomms’s network is supported by a 24/7 Network Operation Centre (NOC), ensuring the permanent high quality of service (QOS).

DIDcomms offers a predefined blended Smart Routing Plan for wholesale VoIP/SIP call termination services with balanced cost quality CLI routing. For each call, the system applies the cheapest VoIP route from the list of quality accepted available routes for the moment.

Features and Benefits

  • Free call credit for testing
  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Rates are in £GBP
  • Blended carrier routing plan which uses quality grade CLI routes
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal
  • The minimum top-up amount required: £10 GBP (maximum payment by card or PayPal is £250) and larger amounts by bank wire transfer.
  • No recurring charges for basic services
  • No minimum monthly top-up or volume commitment required
  • 24/7 online account management portal with real-time billing and CDRs
  • Early warning E-mail prevents clients from running out of credit
  • 1/1 per second billing on most destinations with no connection fee. Call Centre may vary.
  • Unlimited SIP channels *
  • Protocols supported: SIP
  • Authentication methods supported: SIP user login and remote IP authentication
  • Codecs supported: G.711, G.722, G.723 G.729
  • Fax support: industry-standard T.38

Please make sure you have a copy of your photo drivers licence or passport and a copy of the company registration papers to upload on the application form.

Open an online VoIP call termination account today, its easy and free!

All accounts are subject to terms and conditions upon application.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not tolerate CC traffic which resembles abandoned missed calls, this is illegal and does not comply with call center regulations.

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