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Reasons to move all of your telecoms services to DIDcomms

All our numbers coming with a powerful online real time number management and billing portal. Check out our numbers!

We have 087, 084 and 070 numbers too, which all come with great featured products and services, all free of charge!

Our geo numbers may interest you, as they are £1 a month and £1 setup fee with a 1.2p usage charge and the call cost for call forwarding to UK landline 2.6p and UK mobile 3.4p. If you are diverting to sip then you are only billed for the usage on the geo numbers.

We have internal switching products like, Call Waiting, Voicemail to Email, Unlimited Calls Diverts, Auto Attendant (virtual switchboard), Call Queue,  Extensions, Hunt-groups and all geo numbers coming with sip divert as standard.

Whats more is that all calls On-Net, which are calls between geo numbers on our network and free and you are only charged for calls to other networks.

So you can see that what DIDcomms has to offer, is very attractive indeed! So by porting your numbers or taking out new numbers with DIDcomms, will you SAVE MONEY on all products and services!

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