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SMS Functionality from Galaxy Control Panels Using PSTN

Honeywell Security Group has recently received the following email extract from the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), regarding the O2 network and the TAP gateway used for SMS texting via PSTN.

The O2 centre number (07860 980480) has been unreliable for a period of time, and even though the panel will transmit the message, a failure by the O2 server will result in an “SMS Comm Fail” condition generated at the control panel and failure to deliver the text message.

This does not affect SMS signalling over the GSM network.

The alternatives suggested by O2 would not be cost-effective for the purposes of low-cost alarm transmission. An alternative to the O2 centre number is a similar TAP service provided by the Vodafone network. The centre number for this service is 07785499993.

Please note that Honeywell has no contract with and no control over third-party SMS service providers. Honeywell can take no responsibility for the maintenance or continuation of any message centre numbers that are used for SMS signalling from Galaxy controls. These services are provided solely at the discretion of the Network operators.

The Galaxy 3 Series, Galaxy Dimension and Galaxy Flex control panels are already compatible with the service provided by Vodafone, however, the G2 range of panels requires a firmware upgrade to manage the tone handshaking differences between the Networks. Installers who wish to use this service should request this update should contact their local Honeywell Sales Representative, Sales Support Representative or Technical Support. The programming for the centre number can be found on the Galaxy panels in:

Communications Option Centre No.

Due to the nature of SMS signalling via this method, it is recommended that you move to OpenTAP by DIDcomms.

OpenTAP from DIDcomms its the only free of charge and reliable TAP gateway in the UK at present. The only catch is you must register to use the service which prevents fraud and text spammers.

Registration is easy as 1 2 3….

  1. Input the OpenTAP access number 09018600011 (dialing from international +448726149997) into your alarm communication or TAP software client settings.
  2. Input the mobile numbers your wish to receive text messages on in the following format without any leading zeros, eg. 447950123456
  3. CLICK HERE to register online now!

Or you can register online

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