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The understanding about what “abandoned calls” means for call centres

“Abandoned Calls” and prohibited by most telecom providers and regulators of the telecoms industry.

Again the subject has come up with call centre customers. “Abandoned Calls”, “Ping Calls”, “Missed Calls”, this is all prohibited call traffic, which is not approved by any telecoms regulator and Ofcom have now banned it.

As of March 2017 Ofcom announced 0% toleration on Abandoned Call Traffic.  Even the vendors are now suspending telecoms providers accounts or blocking routes, if they detect spamming of abandoned calls of less than 5-7 seconds in call duration.

Normal predictive dialler traffic call process is; a number dialled and the call is answered, then the call is diverted to an live call agent, or if the call is answered by voicemail, then an automated voice message is left for the person being called.

Many telecoms providers are now setting CPS limitation of 1-10 calls per second to stop prohibited call spamming of hundreds of abandoned calls per second. For call centres, if you set you call duration for dialling to 20 seconds per call, you can send hundreds of calls and the CPS limitation is ignored, but sending hundreds of 5-7 second abandoned calls, makes no sense and now the carriers are penalising and suspending accounts or blocking specific routes and the regulators are fining companies which allow this prohibited practise.

The ideal settings for you outbound diallers should be:

  • Calls: 1000
  • Voice Detection: 5 seconds
  • Voicemail Detection: 15 seconds
  • Call Duration: 18 seconds

Stick to these settings and you can send hundreds of calls, as each call will be detected as standard call and not an “Abandoned Call” and the CPS limitation should also dismiss these.

So rather than limit the ports we limit the CPS – Calls Per Second, which means you have greater capacity for outbound calls, but protects our company and keeps us in line with Ofcom regulations.

Play by the rules and its win win for everyone!

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