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UK parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos. Bedtime browsing? It’s a thing, and more top news

UK parliament has been suspended until 14 October after prime minister Boris Johnson was once again denied a pre-Brexit election. Johnson told a raucous parliament, that he was committed to taking the UK out of the EU at the end of October. MPs will return for a Queen’s Speech in mid-October. Commons Speaker and MP John Bercow announced that he will stand down at the next election or on 31 October, whichever comes first, as his 10-year “tenure” nears its end. • Here’s what people are saying.

Bedtime browsing has prompted a 23% surge in nocturnal spendingaccording to John Lewis. Data from the John Lewis Partnership Card shows that online shopping between midnight and 6am accounts for around one in 15 purchases. Duvet covers, televisions, laptops and freezers are the most common items purchased during these times, with women more likely to spend. Why are people shopping online late at night? Shoppers told the BBCthey use online shopping as a way to free up more leisure time. • Here’s what people are saying.

Bus operators in England have pledged to buy only ultra-low or zero emission vehiclesfrom 2025 to substantially cut carbon emissions. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) — which represents more than 95% of the bus industry, including Arriva, First Group, Go Ahead, National Express and Stagecoach — said switching to eco-friendly vehicles will reduce carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes a year. The CPT has committed to lower fares and sustainable solutions for rural areas as it targets 1 billion extra passenger journeys a year by 2030. • Here’s what people are saying.

Also… Belfast International has been named and shamed as the worst airport in the UK. • Here’s what people are saying.

Three in ten school leavers are headed to university this autumn, but young people are increasingly skeptical of higher education: only two-thirds of under-16s consider a university education important, down from 86% in 2013. The only barrier to making apprenticeships a credible alternative is convincing employers of the same, say the founders of Whitehat, an apprenticeship provider. • Here’s what people are saying.

Also… Students in the UK, US and Australia are turning to the essay-for-hire industry to write university papers for them, The New York Times reports. • Here’s what people are saying.

Over the past eight years, companies with the highest proportion of female employees had annual returns that were 2.8 percentage points higher than the least diverse firms,according to research from Morgan Stanley. Such improved performance applied to companies across the globe, Bloomberg reports. The study, which analysed the proportion of women on staff at close to 2,000 companies, adds to a growing body of evidence pointing to the business benefits of diverse hiring. • Here’s what people are saying.

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