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Unblock VoIP Services in Your Country

Are you living abroad and trying to connect to your loved ones? Connect with VoIP and save the money on expensive phone calls. The best way to connect to VoIP services safely is via a VPN. Enjoy privacy on VoIP with a VPN.

How can a VPN unblock VoIP services?

When you connect to the internet via a VPN, the data from your computer or mobile device gets encrypted so your location and internet activity are kept private from everyone. This allows you to access VoIP services safely and anonymously for FREE.

International Calls: VoIP Services vs. Local Telecoms Providers

VoIP services are better than your local telecom providers because::

Cheap or Free Calls

If you use DIDcomms, Viber or Whatsapp to make an internet call, it’s free! If you call a landline or phone number, you’ll pay a cheaper rate than the usual local telecom providers rates.

True Privacy

In most countries making an international call is more expensive than having a dinner in a 5-Star hotel. You never know if after spending so much money on telephone calls, you are not being tapped or monitored. Enjoy true privacy on VoIP calls by using a VPN. The VPN hides your IP and make you invisible for everyone.

Call With Any Device

Make VoIP calls from any internet-enabled device like your computer, mobile or tablet. It doesn’t have to be a special VoIP phone.

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