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Using an 0844 number can improve your inbound call efficiency

0844 numbersĀ are non geographic numbers in the UK that bring a number of benefits to businesses and callers as well. Calls to 0844 numbers are charged at local call rates of up to a maximum of Ā£0.05 pence per minute. The number can be used to direct any incoming calls to a landline telephone number without any charges for receiving inbound calls that are directed to a landline. Calls can be redirected to a landline, mobile, or fax number of your choice. Since transfer of the call is immediate, customers are not aware of a call being routed.

An increasing number of customers have realised the benefits of using 0844 numbers. To begin with, customers are able to call at a reduced cost, which in turn leads to a greater number of calls received. Moreover, being a non geographic number, it does not deter customers from making calls irrespective of their location in the UK. For the most part, these numbers are conducive to national advertising, with the chance for companies to gain better business from potential customers across the country. Furthermore, relocating a business does not entail any change in number, thereby saving on additional expenses such as new letterheads, signage, and other expenses. Being cost effective, these numbers are more appealing thanĀ 087 numbers, which are the target of regulatory changes.

A wide range of call management services can be provided with 0844 numbers. This can include inbound call statistics which enable a business to analyse the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. All calls can be monitored to include the incoming call numbers, date, time, and duration. The call recording is useful for monitoring answered calls and subsequent staff training in order to increase the efficiency. In addition, the call divert allows calls to be routed simultaneously or sequentially to different phones including landlines, mobiles, fax, and there is hosted voicemail too. Staff can be made more diligent at handling inbound calls through inbound call statistics. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Ā (also calledĀ virtual switchboards) available onĀ 0845, 0844, 0870, 0871, 0872,Ā 070 and freephone numbers helps businesses to determine the point at which customers tend to terminate calls in order to fine tune their IVR system.

Like many other UK non geographic numbers (also know as UK virtual phone numbers) such asĀ 0800 numbersĀ andĀ 0300 numbers, these numbers are usually free to setup unless you have an IVR product add-on service.

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