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Vodafone SMS TAP gateway

Is there a TAP gateway in NZ into the Vodafone network that can be used to inject paging messages with SMS client or similar software?

If so, does anyone know the phone number and access details?


NO… But OpenTAP from DIDcomms its the only free of charge and reliable TAP gateway in the UK at present. The only catch is you must register to use the service which prevents fraud and text spammers.

Registration is easy as 1 2 3…

  1. Input the OpenTAP access number 09018600011 (dialling from international +448726149997) into your alarm communication or TAP software client settings.
  2. Input the mobile numbers your wish to receive text messages on in the following format without any leading zeros, eg. 447950123456
  3. CLICK HERE to register online now!
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