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Who regulates 0871 number here in the UK?

0871 numbers offer UK businesses the opportunity to earn money on every call. These numbers attract higher call rates, which makes it essential to inform callers about the applicable rates. Calls from landlines cost up to 10 p per minute while calls from mobiles may be higher. These numbers are ideal for use as technical support lines. 0871 numbers need to be registered with the PhonepayPlus UK, which is the regulatory body for premium-rate numbers. The body sets specific standards for content and promotion. Advertising the number must also conform to standards set by the PhonepayPlus UK.

Rules and Regulations

As per the rules and regulations set by PhonepayPlus, businesses are required to inform their customers about the cost per call minute to their 0871 number. This may be in the form of a message at the beginning of the call and can also be placed along with advertisements in different media including websites, print promotions, listings, and TV commercials, among others. In addition, customers that are in the queue must be informed about the average waiting time. This will help the caller make an informed decision about whether they are prepared to wait and bear the extra cost. Although PhonepayPlus UK placed 0871, 0872, and 0873 numbers as premium-rate numbers that need to comply with its Code of Practice, 0870 numbers, 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers and 03 numbers do not fall within the purview of this code. According to the Code of Practice, organisations must ensure that there is no unfair delay in callers accessing the service.

Powers Invested in PayphonePlus

The PhonepayPlus UK has been authorised by Ofcom to oversee day-to-day operations. The regulatory body has the authority to investigate complaints about Phone-paid services. In addition, they have the power to bar access the phone services of any company found guilty of violating its Code of Practice. They can even prevent a guilty company from running other services under a different name. Consumers can register complaints with PhonepayPlus free of cost.

Objectives of PayphonePlus UK

0871 numbers can be used in numerous organizations including travel and financial services. Interactive ticket booking agencies can also make use of 0871 numbers. The main objectives of Phonepay Plus UK, as the regulatory body, is to increase the level of consumer protection and improve transparency in pricing, for calls made to these numbers. Service providers are required to register their contact details with PhonepayPlus. The onus of designing operations to comply with relevant provisions of the code of practice lies with the service provider.

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