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AT&T Discontinues TAP Service

RENO, Nevada—AT&T Wireless text messaging on the TAP gateway has been discontinued by AT&T as of August 31, 2003. As AT&T is now referring to this as an enhanced service, AT&T now offers two fee-based services for text messaging to both TDMA and GSM devices: 1) AT&T Wireless Enterprise SMS; or 2) EFI Unimobile Mobile Messaging.

AT&T Wireless Enterprise SMS connects your applications directly to the AT&T Wireless SMPP Gateway via Frame Relay or VPN. EFI Unimobile Mobile Messaging provides a direct connection to the AT&T Wireless SMPP Gateway. The AT&T Wireless SMPP Gateway provides the capacity to support large volumes of messages and provides more reliability and security features than ever before. For more information regarding the two alternative options offered by AT&T, please visit: http://www.attwireless.com/tap/.

Messenger Enhancement Supports SMS/GSM

Bytware values our AT&T customers and therefore has developed an enhancement to the Messenger product line that provides support for sending SMS messages. Using a GSM modem to send SMS messages provides the following advantages:

  • SMS messages can be sent directly without the use of a TAP or email gateway.
  • System messages can be answered by replying to the SMS messages.
  • SMS messages can be sent to any other phone or pager in the world without the need for multiple gateways.

Even if the receiving device is not GSM, we have been able to send messages to multiple carriers and devices without knowing anything more than the device’s mobile number/phone number.
A GSM modem provides improved tolerance to power failures and phone line problems. Since GSM cellular modems send their information wirelessly, modem-to-modem incompatibility issues are eliminated.

To view the requirements for SMS support or download the enhancement, please visit: http://www.bytware.com/support/auth1/mplus/sms.html. (Requires valid Bytware Messenger support ID and password.)

Bytware’s Messenger products offer the most inclusive paging functionality available today not only supporting GSM and SMS pager device types, but also all TAP protocol paging services, e-mail (SMTP) messaging, and workstation alerts. If you are an AT&T customer and wish to switch to another service provider that supports the TAP protocol, or if you would like to configure your AT&T device to receive e-mail messages, please contact our Technical Support staff for assistance or reference the instructions included in the online product documentation (PDF; 1.38MB).

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