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Does DIDcomms support RTP proxy?

What is RTP proxy and what is it used for?

TheĀ Real-TimeĀ TransportĀ ProtocolĀ (RTP) is an InternetĀ protocolĀ standard that specifies a way for programs to manage theĀ real-timeĀ transmission of multimedia data over either unicast or multicast network services.

The possible values that we support are:

Optimal ā€“ This connection supports NAT traversal, so it can communicate with an IP phone behind NAT directly. This is the best possible scenario since you can entirely avoid using an RTP proxy when exchanging calls with this carrier.

On-Nat ā€“ This connection does not support NAT traversal. Direct communication with an IP phone is possible only if that phone is on a public IP address.

Always ā€“ Regardless of NAT traversal capabilities, you must always use an RTP proxy when communicating with this carrier. This may be necessary if you do not want to allow them to see your customerā€™s real IP address, or perhaps simply because this carrier has a good network connection to your SIP server, but a poor connection to the rest of the world. Thus you will need to proxy his traffic to ensure good call quality.

Direct ā€“ Always send a call directly to this gateway, and never engage an RTP proxy.

If you require ‘RTP proxy’ to be enabled on your SIP account, please contact customer service.

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