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OpenTAP gateway case study 2

Network Engineers and Hosting

Frank Robson a mobile network engineer, he travels all over the his local county working with many different types of clients. These networks require constant monitoring for maintenance and repair. It is vital that Frank is notified as quickly as possible so he can get over to the property where the network fault is and fix the problem ASAP and make sure the customers network is always connected without loss or affect to their business.

Here is where DIDcomms comes in! Frank uses OpenTAP Gateway to receive up to the minute message updates from all the networks on his portfolio of clients that he must look after. Frank has one of these TAP gateway software clients installed on each of the customers servers, which has the OpenTAP Gateway access dial-up number configured. The TAP gateway software client dials-up the OpenTAP Gateway access number by means of a modem to modem connection, the TAP gateway software client sends the appropriate messages which Frank needs to see to his companies mobile phone, thus Frank is informed immediately of all faults or general maintenance required on each of his clients networks. Amazing!

There are limitless using of OpenTAP Gateway messaging, all you need is either a TAP gateway software clients installed with modem connection or TAP gateway messaging compatible device and you can start using OpenTAP to stay informed today!

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