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VoIP Numbers for your Call Centre

Why have all the expense of call centre hardware switchboards and ISDN lines, when you can SAVE MONEY with a couple of Fast ADSL lines and have as many free VoIP phone lines as you require!

With DIDcomms you save money, by getting all your VoIP lines from DIDcomms.

For example:

  • New ADSL line(s) or use existing one(s) (cheaper than ISDN)
  • 1-100+ VoIP lines – £0.00 (free)
  • Each additional VoIP line – £0.00 (free)
  • Incoming Calls – £0.012 (1.2p) pence per minute including VAT
  • Outgoing Calls – from £0.024 (2.4p) pence per minute including VAT

Average price per VoIP phone purchased is around £40 each.

Saving you from several hundred to a few thousand pounds in costs.

Call DIDcomms now on +44 (0)8081176736 to find out how we can help your call centre setup quickly, easily and most importantly.. SAVE YOU MONEY! 

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