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Organisations will face serious issues with SSL certificates on critical service infrastructure.

Many organisations use Internal Certificates to secure critical infrastructure. Certificates using internal names/IP’s will no longer be trusted after 1st November 2015. The vast majority of organisations will be caught out by this change if they fail to act before that deadline.

Unseen vulnerabilities created by rogue SSL server certificates are a growing problem for organisations worldwide – the upcoming naming changes will close down these security holes.

Organisation should act now well ahead of 1st November 2015 to ensure their critical infrastructure continues to operate normally after that date.

Google has accelerated its policy of alerting web users when the site they are visiting is not secured with HTTPS.

Chrome release 43 (due on 3rd April, 2015) will display security warnings to any internet users visiting your website if you have not complied and replaced all SHA-1 certificates expiring after 31stDecember 2015. These should be replaced at the earliest opportunity with new certificates using the strong cryptography of the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. 

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