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Features and Benefits

Features included with all DIDcomms VoIP phone numbers.

Each number you order from us comes with all these great features to really help you from day to day with your calls and management of your numbers you have with us.


No Contracts

No contracts, no hidden costs!

We don’t tie you into any service contract like some other providers, you can cancel the service you have with us whenever you like without penalties!

We want to keep you as a customer because you like our service, not because your tied in to contact with cancellation and penalty fees etc.

We know that our service might not suit everyone and circumstances change, so if you want to stop your service at any point, we make it simple and easy to cancel the service you have with us.

On cancellation you only pay for any outstanding charges on your account, that’s all!

You can read a full set of our terms and conditions here

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Free unlimited UK phone numbers

With DIDcomms you can have as many 08, 070 and geographic phone numbers to suit your needs!

So if you need an extra phone line for personal use just order now!

Or maybe you are opening another office or branch of your business and you need some extra phone lines and extensions, no problem! Just log on to our website and place your order for a number anytime you require it and it’s all provisioned live and ready to use within minutes of placing your order!

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24/7 call management online customer portal

With our easy to use online customer portal, you can manage your DIDcomms numbers and services any time day or night. Its quick and easy to use!

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Prepay top-up, real-time billing and call records

With the DIDcomms network, everything is automated and provisioned live and real-time!

Even our billing, call records and prepay call credit top-up is all automated, giving you the customer the satisfaction of full itemized real-time billing and control over your payments on account.

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Cheap phone calls with competitive wholesale rates

DIDcomms is a wholesale network provider of inbound and outbound telephony, of both 08, 070 and geographic numbering services.

Our philosophy is to sell directly to our customers, cutting out the middle man (or reseller), enabling us to pass on low-cost pricing, thus passing on the benefits of savings to our end-users.

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Free VoIP phone calls

Being part of the DIDcomms VoIP phone network means that you also get Free Calls!

Yes! Calls between DIDcomms customer phone numbers are completely Free of Charge on our VoIP phone network!

This is great if you have a business with several branch offices around the UK or other parts of the World, because if you are all on the DIDcomms VoIP phone network, then your calls between you are completely Free of Charge!

Also, receive free incoming WiFi call roaming anywhere with our 084 and 087 VoIP phone numbers.

The same goes for friends and family in the UK or in another country, if you are all on the DIDcomms VoIP phone network, then you get to chat for free!

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Free Instant Messaging between DIDcomms customers

You can now enjoy our free Instant Messaging service which is available on the DIDcomms VoIP phone network service and can be used by any customer with a VoIP softphone, mobile app or desktop IP phone which supports Instant Messaging.

Abbreviated ‘IM’, a type of communications service that enables you to create a kind of private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real-time over the Internet, analogous to a telephone conversation but using text-based, not voice-based, communication. Typically, the instant messaging system alerts you whenever somebody on your private list is online. You can then initiate a chat session with that particular individual.

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WiFi Internet Calling

With DIDcomms all our 08, 070 and geographic UK numbers are all VoIP/SIP phone and sip softphone ready!

With our 08, 070 and geographic UK numbers, you can start using WiFi Internet Calling instantly! New customers just order a number from our website or if you are an existing customer, just download the Zoiper VoIP Mobile App and you can start using our WiFi Internet Calling today!

WiFi Internet Calling is great because, whether you are at work, at home or travelling, you can always find a WiFi hotspot or WiFi internet connection somewhere, which means if you have a DIDcomms number and you are using the Zoiper VoIP Mobile App, or other standard VoIP/SIP softphone, you can always receive and make calls even when you have no mobile network signal.

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Compatible with any VoIP/SIP softphone or desktop IP phone

All DIDcomms 08, 070 and geographic numbers are all VoIP/SIP softphone and desktop IP phone ready!

With your DIDcomms number, you can attach it to any standard VoIP mobile sip softphone or desktop IP phone. This enables you to not only be able to receive calls using your DIDcomms number, but you can also make calls too as long as you have some call credit loaded on to the online account you have with us.

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Call Forwarding

All DIDcomms customer numbers have free online call forwarding real-time management!

You can divert your DIDcomms numbers to any UK or International landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world with no restrictions!

Call forwarding to UK landline is 3.1p a minute and UK mobile is 3.3p a minute incl. VAT.

Call forwarding to International landlines and mobiles starts from around 3p a minute incl. VAT

On our 087, 084 and 070 UK numbers, there is a limited amount of Free Call Forwarding destinations. Please refer to the online order forms on our website for pricing or if you already have a DIDcomms account with us, you can login to your online account and check the call forwarding and call pricing with the real-time call rate calculators.

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Time of Day Routing Plan

Do you ever need to forward calls to other locations or different numbers at certain times of the day?

Every DIDcomms number comes with the Free Time of Day routing plan!

With the DIDcomms Time of Day Plan, you can route calls to different locations, different phone lines, to voicemail and at different times of day, as you choose to suit your personal or business needs.

This is great for businesses with out of office hours support or branches in other parts of the World in time zones with different times of the day.

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Voice to Email

We all need voicemail, its a great way to keep in touch with unanswered calls!

With every DIDcomms number, you get Free Voice to Email. You can also customise your own personal voicemail message which your callers will listen to!

When a caller calls you on your DIDcomms number and the call is unanswered for whatever reason, the caller will be prompted to leave a voice message, which is recorded and instantly forwarded by mp3 audio file attachment to your registered email address.

For DIDcomms VoIP phone users, you can check your voicemail directly from your VoIP softphone or desktop IP phone by dialling 150. VoIP phone network users can also customise their voicemail message also by dialling the voicemail access number 150.

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Call Queue

Call queue is a service which enables the recipient of the incoming calls to hold 2 or more simultaneous phone calls in a queue. Some companies have large volumes of incoming calls, so the call queue is a great add-on to manage these kinds of calls.

While the caller is waiting in the queue, custom music is played and maybe some advertising messages too. As the caller moves up the queue, the caller hears a notification informing them of their waiting time and position they are in the queue. When an agent becomes available or the caller reaches number one in the call queue, the caller is put through to the next available agent.

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Hunt Groups

In telephony, line hunting (or hunt groups) are the method of distributing phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines. Specifically, it refers to the process used to select which line will receive the call. Hunt groups are supported by our system and we support  3 settings consecutive,  simultaneous or random.

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Phone Line Extensions

In residential telephony, an extension telephone is an additional telephone wired to the same telephone line as another. The first telephone on a line was a ‚ÄúMain Station‚ÄĚ and subsequent ones ‚ÄúExtensions‚ÄĚ.¬†In business telephony, a business would have a hardware switchboard installed in their building to allow multiple incoming lines and lots of separate phone lines.

With the modern age of Hosted IP Telephony, now users can have all this and more on a hosted virtual switchboard!

With the DIDcomms hosted VoIP phone network a customer can have multiple phone lines all on the same customer account and you can assign an extension number for each VoIP phone line (eg. 101, 102, 103)  you have with us. The phone line extensions feature is only available on our geographic numbers.

This is great, for all kinds of businesses, like Hotels, Offices, Holiday Parks and Complexes, Branch Offices located in different areas, Remote Workers and more….

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Call Transfer

A call transfer is a telecommunications medium that enables a telephone user to transfer an existing telephone call to another phone line or extension, using a transfer call button or dialling the required phone number. The transferred call is either announced or unannounced.

On the DIDcomms hosted VoIP phone network, we support call transfer.  Please refer to your VoIP phone or softphone instruction manual to find out if it supports this feature.

When you initiate a call transfer to another DIDcomms number or virtual switchboard line extension on our network your call is free of charge. However, if you transfer a call to a landline or mobile phone on another telecoms network, you will be charged our standard call rates for the transferred call.

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Call Waiting

Call Waiting is a service whereby someone making a telephone call is notified of an incoming call on the line that they are already using and is able to place the first call on hold while the second is answered. This is service is switched on by default.

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Call Conferencing

Because our hosted VoIP telephony network supports simultaneous calls if you have a VoIP phone which supports multiple user call conferencing, which usually support between 3-10 callers. Our hosted VoIP phone network is compatible with these conferencing phones.

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