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Update about the DIDcomms User Portal

Dear Customers

It has come to our attention, via customer reports and our automated debug reports, that quite a few customers are having trouble logging in via certain internet browsers.

This may be or may not be due to the internet browser compatibility, rather it could be due to the way in which a certain internet browser interprets “cookies” and “scripts”. However and whatever the case please make sure your internet browsers are accepting and not blocking website “cookies” and “scripts”.

Also, we recommend the following internet browsers, which we know to work fine with our user portal.

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (make sure “cookies” and “scripts” are not being blocked).

We have tried the above internet browsers with every client’s user details who has said they cannot login into the user portal and they work fine for us every time! We also know that the iPhone/iPad Safari internet browser also works fine. If you are using Android, then we recommend downloading and installing Google Chrome internet browser app.


Also as we have over 350,000 virtual 070, 08x and 01/02/03 Geographic numbers across 2 different suppliers, this is taking some time to migrate all numbers over to the new user portal, so customers services are not affected in any way. So please be patient with us and you will receive a confirmation email informing you of your new login details once your existing numbers are migrated to your individual user portal accounts. Some customers may have numbers across both our suppliers, so please also be patient and those numbers will also be added to your existing user portal accounts, as each phase of migration is completed.

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